Very Good Capacity, Low Input Herd

Friesian And Crossbred Dairy - Herd Northland 125 1,800.00

Dairy Herd Description

Low input herd, hilly contour farm no flat country. Due to illness herd has come available Very good capacity cows the pride and joy of the family, very reluctant sale but has to be, this herd will not only shift well but will give the goods on the right country.

M.Bovis clear.

Blanket drycow (ceprivan).

Delivery 01 June 2020



Additional Details

Detail Value
Id No. DH1586
Calving Date 05 July 2020
Current Tally (In Milk) 125
2yr 27
3yr 23
4yr 26
5yr 16
6yr 20
7yr 8
8yr 7
9yr+ 8
Breeding Worth 64
Production Worth 88
Recorded Ancestry (%) 98
TB Status C 10
EBL Status Clear
Lepto Vaccination Yes
KG MS/Cow 369
Total KG MS 44,153
Som Cell Count 43,000
Shed Type Herringbone
Breed In Calf To Jersey
No Of Week AI Mated to Suit
Natural Mated Bull Jersey
Breeding Background LIC and CRV

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